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How Can I Take My Child to Makkah with Me?

18 Jun 2018

“We’re going to Holy Makkah and you’ll get to see the Kaa’ba for the first time!” “Be patient; we’ll get there soon and you’ll be able to play with the pigeons around the Kaa’ba and feed them yourself.” “I’ve told you the story of how the Kaa’ba was built a hundred times. How about this time I tell you the story of Zamzam water?”

Long hours filled with anticipation and longing combined with some irritability and tediousness; the family is eager to reach Makkah but the youngsters are easily bored. The parents continue to try and keep their children patient and entertained in order to instill the happy memories of this spiritual journey into their minds.

Child-Friendly Hotel

When the family decides to travel to Makkah to perform Umrah or Hajj, it usually arranges to leave its young ones at a place that is warm and welcoming. The homes of grandparents or close cousins are the usual first choice, but some parents cannot stand to stay apart from their children for a few days and instead bring them along so they can embark on this experience together; and thus begins the search for a child-friendly hotel to keep the trip easy and smooth. Shaza Makkah Hotel is one of the best options for families as it is the most understanding of the needs of different family members; featuring spacious, welcoming rooms, a restaurant ready to welcome all guests throughout the day, and, most importantly, Shaza Kids’ Club, which cares for children and helps them feel at home.

Kids’ Club at Shaza Makkah Hotel

We know your children’s visit to the Kaa’ba is one of the goals of this life journey. However, taking them with you during your Umrah or to each prayer could exhaust them quickly, even before you. On the other hand, the idea of leaving the little ones alone in your hotel room may seem completely unsafe. That is why  Shaza Kids’ Club is ready to welcome your little ones from the moment you enter the hotel until you check out. For 12 fun-filled hours, your children will be cared for while they play and enjoy their time in a lively place without disturbing the guests of this holy destination.

Shaza Kids’ Club was designed based on the principles of education, recreation, and exploration, and its activities were created by a group of leading experts in this field in order to meet your children’s needs during your absence. The club opens its doors from 10 am until 10 pm, and as soon as you enter you will get to know the friendly and smiling Samar and Raneem, who were chosen based on their high qualifications and longstanding experience in caring for the little ones. You can rest assured that your children will be in a comfortable, clean, and safe area equipped to welcome youngsters between the ages of four and 12, and any nanny or companion is allowed to stay with the child at the club until their parents are back or until the child gets to visit the Kaa’ba for the first time.

Those Who Love Allah at the House of Allah 

When you decide to take your youngster to the Holy Mosque, pick the right time to avoid congestion as much as possible and prevent your child from being exposed to harmful sunlight. Here are some other details that will help you enjoy a smooth, easy visit to the Haram Al Sharif with your little one:

  • Prepare the child psychologically for Holy Makkah and let them know that it is a holy place that needs to be respected and isn’t suitable for playing so as to avoid disturbing other visitors.
  • Pick clothing with striking colors that you can spot from a distance due to the great size of the Haram Al Sharif and the huge number of visitors.
  • Prepare a plastic bracelet with all your contact information and details.
  • Teach the child to reach out to security personnel in case they cannot find you.
  • Cold and room temperature Zamzam water is available everywhere inside the Holy Mosque.
  • The child’s bag can be taken inside the Holy Mosque or left in the safe boxes located in the outer areas of the Haram Al Sharif.
  • Baby strollers are not allowed inside the Holy Mosque; you can instead borrow a wheelchair to be used in the designated areas.

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